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As a mediator, Thomas Goode delivers elite insights with a personal touch. Thanks to decades of practical, real world experience with real estate development, mortgage banking, and commercial brokerage, Thomas has a point of view that’s invaluable in the world of real estate mediation.


Mediation panel member, California Association of Realtors (CAR)

Over years
as a trial lawyer experienced in mediation.

Not Just Any Resolution

The Right Resolution.

At San Diego Real Estate Mediation, we’re dedicated to finding creative solutions to conflicts both common and complex. Through decades of experience, as well as our unique approach to mediation, we help parties reach positive outcomes for the long run.

Let’s Find a Resolution, Together.

“Mediation is a cost-efficient, expeditious alternative to the unpredictability of litigation. I take a genuine interest in the perspectives of each party and enthusiastically provide analytical input based on a lifetime of real estate experience. With creative facilitation and a realistic approach, I bring unique value in seeking a resolution to avoid litigation.” – Thomas B. Goode

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